Infrastructure Planning, Funding and Delivery

Plans are successful only to the extent that they can be executed.

What We Do

Our mission is to help government and developers make better and more coordinated decisions about the planning, funding and delivery of development infrastructure.

About Us

We believe that infrastructure is essential to the safe, healthy and efficient functioning of communities. Experience tells us that the success of an infrastructure plan depends on there being fair and transparent arrangements for the funding and delivery of the infrastructure. This enables decisions to be coordinated and the infrastructure to be delivered more efficiently.


We provide specialist infrastructure planning, funding & delivery services


Infrastructure Plans

PIE provides expert advice to government and water service providers on all aspects of infrastructure plan preparation and review.


Infrastructure Funding & Delivery

PIE has long understood that the benefits of infrastructure planning cannot be fully realised unless there is a way to fund and deliver the infrastructure.


Infrastructure Agreements

Infrastructure agreements establish the infrastructure funding and delivery arrangements for a development project.


Infrastructure Advice

PIE provides expert advice on all matters relevant to the implementation of an infrastructure plan.

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