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Plans are successful only to the extent that they can be executed.

Infrastructure is essential to the safe, healthy and efficient functioning of communities.

It makes sense to plan shared infrastructure in advance of development, and where possible, deliver that infrastructure as part of development.

This minimises the cost of infrastructure whilst aligning its delivery with the development that makes it necessary.

It serves the interests of all parties including the ultimate beneficiary - the community who use it.

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Existing delivery arrangements are challenging.

The process of delivering shared infrastructure is not without its challenges.

Infrastructure is costly and there are risks associated with its delivery. Experience tells us that unless there is a fair and transparent process for allocating these costs and risks between developers and government, the delivery of infrastructure may be delayed or even jeopardised.

Infrastructure planning and charging regimes have been implemented to address this challenge. Unfortunately, the complexity of these regimes has usually led to additional uncertainty for local governments, water service providers and developers. 

Fair and transparent infrastructure delivery arrangements

PIE understands the need for fair and transparent infrastructure funding and delivery arrangements

Whether we are talking at the policy level or for a specific project, the infrastructure funding and delivery arrangements must be fair and transparent.

Only in this way can the decisions of government and developers be coordinated to achieve the delivery of shared infrastructure as part of development.

We understand that without execution, a plan is nothing. That is why our services focus not just on the planning of infrastructure but also the infrastructure funding and delivery arrangements that are necessary to turn those plans into reality.

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