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Jason Miller

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Meet Jason

Jason is one of Queensland's most experienced professionals in the field of infrastructure planning, funding and delivery. Jason has worked for local government, water service providers and developers and this experience has given him deep insights into the relationship between development and infrastructure planning, funding and delivery.

Jason has observed that this relationship is often fractured due to the poor articulation of how infrastructure costs and risks are to be shared. This has hampered government entities and developers from making coordinated decisions about the delivery of infrastructure. Jason is a keen participant in the movement to address these urgent challenges. He is a current member of UDIA's Infrastructure Committee.

Infrastructure Specialist

Peter Strain

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Meet Peter

Peter is a town planner who specialises in infrastructure. He has had extensive experience across both the public and private spheres, and has a special interest in the negotiation and development of infrastructure funding and delivery arrangements at the project level.

He was previously responsible for the preparation of water infrastructure agreements for Urban Utilities. Peter is also experienced in the project management of infrastructure plans.

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